Fresh 48

Commonly Asked Questions

What is a Fresh 48 session? 

This is special session for those who want to capture  the first few hours of their newborn’s life.  This session is held within the first 24-48 hours of your baby’s life, these lifestyle sessions are perfect for remembering that first day forever. I will capture shots of your little one’s first yawns, baby feet, fingers, quiet moments between you and your new little one.


This is not a traditional newborn session; I do not pose the baby, bring props or lights.This will just be me capturing your baby’s sweet new moments in a fresh natural way.



Is this similar to the photos the hospital offers? 

Similar, yes. The hospital contracts with an outside agency to go room to room and take photos. They offer you a limited number of photos and charge extra for all additional photos.


They also are not able to schedule your session. They give you an approximate day and stop in at random. I allow you to choose when is best for you. My only suggestion is that we have outdoor light. I use window light to brighten the room and give you quality photos.